How to Make and use a Watercolor Swash

How to Make and use a Watercolor Swash – Ex. 1 STORE BANNER

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For this swash I used a standard card stock paper. I did not pre-stretch it (soak it in the bath tub), but I did tape it to my card table – with a soft masking tape. I placed the colors I wanted to use in my pallet then made sure the colors were very wet, without diluting the intensity. I took a spray bottle and lightly squirted my paper, intentionally allowing some vein like puddles. Then, working quickly – I placed color from left to right in a purpose-ful roygbiv fashion, (almost). I tweaked the spreading of the paint by adding a few squirts here and there and controlled it with a damp round brush and some paper towel – (which sops up excess water and paint on contact). After the paper completely dried I scanned it directly into the scanner my computer had. I did a little cropping then added a white font over it -(as a block out). I use this as the banner for my Etsy shop. You can take a look and see how it looks.(shameless plug). lol

*TIP When masking your paper with masking tape – place the tape on any surface, rub it quickly, peel it back up then use it to mask. That way some of the high intensity stick-um is gone and won’t lift the fiber (tooth) up off your paper later on.

*TIP – I used a regular card stock because it has less of a tooth then regular watercolor paper which will usually show up in a traditional scan bed. So I used this in order to get a “pure white back ground” which would better merge and integrate my pure white font.







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