How To Paint This Picture

How To Paint This Picture! Watercolor

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The assignment for this painting was to start with something you hated and turn it into something you love. OK. So I started with orange and yellow and red paint – which I hate. Then I smothered it with black and alizarin crimson paint – which at the time I loved. I pressed leaves into the top of the (wet) painting, let them sit for several hours until dry, and I added what seemed to be tree shapes to me at the time. There was some medical gauze in the supply box the teacher had given us. I stretched it out, placed it on my paper, doused it in very watery black paint – also let that dry. (At the time I had no idea where this was going). While I was waiting for the paper to dry, I cut out a paper doll shape out of just plain white typing paper. Then laid it down. With a damp tooth brush I gently rubbed away some of the color, then added highlights with actual white paint. Ironically the paint I had put down previously showed through the shape of my figure leaving a ghost like shape. (a total accident). I did this painting in about three hours.


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