How to Paint This Picture

Walking On The Moon


For this painting, I was inspired by hand colored photos. My roommate at the time collected them. I lightly drew the flowers. I took white paint and did a delicate invisible wash and let the paper dry completely. Then next to the flowers and stems I would get just one area very wet. I dipped my paintbrush into medium viscosity ivory black paint, then I would dip the brush onto the wet area. In watercolor land white paint is very thick and black paint is very thin. So the black mixed itself onto the paper creating its own texture and patterning. I used a little salt. I repeated this process (shading the picture as though the whole thing were going to be black and white like a charcoal. After everything was dry, I added just a tiny bit of thin color. Because black is so thin, I could do this without anything looking too muddy. By the way black has a tendency to stain the paper, so it is one of the few colors that does not lift if you lightly put a color over it.


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