How to Salvage a Bad Painting

How to Salavge a Bad Painting

How to Salvage a Bad Painting


Ok, so with the two lilies there isn’t anything real noteworthy about the painting technique. However I thought I’d talk about them because they are two smaller paintings derived from a larger painting that I was hating. It was to be a picture of a Japanese koi. The original was 18×24. (the size I usually work in) just wasn’t working. So I carefully lobbed off the sections I did like. Most people don’t think of this. They will usually scrap a painting all together. I have since cropped these to a standard 5×7. They make for nice prints and greeting cards. If you’re squeamish about cutting into a painting, block off the area with a standard size black or white matt until you find a composition you like, Then run a bic mechanical pencil along the inside. Then with a 1 foot metal ruler and an exac-to knife cut just slightly larger than the pencil lines. The lines should erase without lifting the paint. voilĂ  – instant miniature masterpiece!


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