How to Paint This Picture

Snow Flake


Here is how I did this painting: The big snowflakes I drew in light pencil. Then I soaked the paper in the bathtub for about five minutes. I took the soaked paper out, placed it on my card table, drenched it with blue and purple paint, sprinkled it with salt and smattered it with white paint using a toothbrush. I repeated the paint smattering and salt sprinkling every twenty minutes for the next couple of hours. When the paper was completely dry I out line my pencil snowflakes with colored pencil to make the edges really crisp. Then I rubbed out some highlights with an angle brush. I added white details with a double zero brush using an opaque titanium white paint. Then I took a snowflake stencil and lightly rubber out a few snowflakes with a tooth brush. Then I took a stylus and added small white dots to give more depth and to add a layer.


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